Luiza Varovici

I am an Angelic Reiki Master. I love working with the Archangels and crystals. My mission is to teach people how to pray and connect with God and the angels, and also to empower them to follow their heart’s desire as that is a sure way to be happy and at peace with themselves and therefore with others.


 Romeo Leu

I am an Angelic Crystal Healer. I work with beings from mineral kingdom, like gems, crystals and stones, always inviting the Archangels or other angels in the process. I promote the unconditional love and the peace for all human kind. I love to invite joyful angels in my “play” to create a “positive environment” and using the subtle energy of the crystals, I can help people to become healthier and happier.


Michael Eastwood

Our teacher
Michael is a Crystal Healer author, teacher and crystal curator. He has been specializing in crystal healing for more than twenty years. Michael is the author of ‘The Crystal Oversoul Attunements’ cards and bookset ‘Unfolding your light’ and the Nine Chakra Crystal Healing manual. He is the founder of the School of Soul Medicine, based in Southsea, Hampshire.