Canterbury tales

April 26, 2015

In 2014 in a chilly day in February, we visited Canterbury, with the thought we might chase some of the ghost stories we heard about..Bell&Crown pub, Canterbury Pilgrim Refectory, Jolly Sailor Ale House…and many other haunted places greeted us with their stories..


We started in the city centre and continued our walk until the corner of St Alphenge’s Lane with Palace Street, where we came across the Bell&Crown pub.On the first floor window (St Alphenge’s Lane), we felt a presence.

Her story goes back to the 19th century, a young lady, she was working in this building, and died in mysterious conditions in a violent way.

She said she was washing clothes and died unhappily of a disease, common those days, longing for happiness. Not known to anybody, she had no power to ascend in heaven.


Walking along the Palace Street we reached the Canterbury Church Shop & Pilgrims’ Refectory.  On the first floor we felt many “presences”. Very many unhappy souls trying to tell stories…They looked like young children being abused and beaten up in the premises. Many of them, running about,…

Going further we reached the Jolly Sailor Ale House. As well on the first floor, right on the corner, above the corner entrance, we felt a presence.

There were 2 ghosts, an old man and a child boy, the elder was injured (a missing leg) and he was torturing the boy in chores, beating him up as a daily practice.It looked to me the sailor took up from the ale beat up to boy to death, surviving him he died miserably as well.


Going back towards the central area, the Sun light started to dim. The dawn was close. We manage to feel other ghostly presences on the window of this old house. This looked like an old lady that decided one day to do away with her husband…

On the same street at the first floor of this shop there were two presences very unhappy…

We left the old part of Canterbury with the impression of being “teleported” back in time. Lot of ghostly presences from the old times wanted to tell us their stories… We will be back another time….