Power Mandala Workshop

This workshop combines the power of crystals with the power of manifesting through art.

We first create a crystal energy vortex that angels and archangels can come through and assist the attendees. Then we teach about using crystals according to participants’ needs and relation to chakras. As well we show how to call on to the archangels.
We start with 2 meditations to cleanse and energize our chakras.
We give a personal numerologic reading consisting of several numbers(life path, destiny, heart’s desire, personality, karmic lessons etc) and aura reading to help the attendees understand themselves better, their mission on earth and how to enhance desired areas of their life.
After so much talking, it is time for drawing a personal mandala, and don’t worry, we have plenty to chose from and we can assist with the drawing so you are only left with the intentional drawing!This is a monthly workshop, and each time you learn about something new!