The month of new beginnings. The beginnings are not visible yet, more as a plane that is already germinating. Everything is the same under the snow, everything seems to be the same – white. Everything appears dead and immobile, only the bean shows its vitality, trying to get to light small leaves. The fire is always present and next to it humans make plans, plans for the whole year round. It is January, the month of new beginnings.

The first month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This name comes from the two-faced god Ianus, a face oriented to the year that passed and one to the year that had just begun. The month of January was introduced by the Romans around the year 700 BC. Until then the year only had ten months and 304 days and the first month was called Camelion. In the Romanian tradition the month of January is called “Gerar” (translated means “Frosted”) and through its holidays people hope to obtain prosperity, health and peace in the new year.