The month of the yellow daffodils. Under the sign of three and governed by Mars, the month of March, once the first in the Roman calendar, brings the nature to life. The snows are melting and nature is reborn. Once with the equinox, the spring shows up under a light blue sky, like the aquamarine (stone for the courage) – the precious stone of March, the yellow daffodils cram the green spaces because March is the month of the yellow daffodils.

It is bad luck to have in the house just one daffodil – it is a sign that the love planted in February was not shared. The aquamarine as a stone for courage is prompting you to say and do what you think is best for yourself. The people born in March are active and say what they think, if they are honest and loving.

A few of the trees of this month are:

  • Willow
  • Oak
  • Hazelnut
  • Lime

The willow grows close to rivers, to wash away the complaining energy of the dead. In the Asian culture it is planted on the graves. The willow tree is used also in rituals to let go of energy and relationships that no longer serve us.
The oak tree is used in order to gain power and clairvoyance. Also, the ancient druids were eating acorn before a meditation, probably for hallucinogenic properties.
The hazelnut is considered the divination tree. Divination is performed with a hazelnut wand shaped like a fork.
The lime is related to the steadiness in the relationship. It is a sort of love enhancer. In the Mediterranean culture, couples were planting lime in the garden and whenever they had arguments, they went outside to smell its flowers.

There are many legends about March. In March many events that shaped history happened (Cesar was assassinated).