The month of the cherries. So called because now these wonderful fruits get ripe under the ever-warmer rays of the sun. In June we have the beginning of the summer with the longest day of the year. June has its names from the goddess Juno, Jupiter’s wife in Roman mythology. She was the protector of married women and so it is said that it is good for couples to get married in June, being a sign of understanding, abundance and well-being in the family. Love is sweet because June is the month of cherries.

June is governed by women (it’s women’s month). June is the holiday of the Forest fairies. Now these Earth fairies come out blessing certain waters and certain plants which then become magical. Men are completely forbidden to enter the forest, but in the morning the women can go to the forest to bathe in the water and collect these healing flowers and they will become healthier.

Also in June is celebrated Saint Peter holding the keys of heaven and it is said that God travels with Saint Peter on earth. When Saint Peter is near, we have whole cohorts of fireflies.

June is usually a whimsical month in terms of storms – very heavy but short rains. If June is dry, it is very good for grapes but bad for corn. If it’s rainy, it’s bad for wheat but it’s good for corn. In June/July, if the weather is too dry, the peasant will dance the „Rain dances” to bring water for vegetables and vine.

In Romanian June is called “Ciresar” ( the month of the cherries )