How to use the Arts for Healing

The correspondence between the senses and the Arts

Sense Corresponding Arts
Sight Painting, sculpture, pottery, glassware, tailoring, photography, cinematography, architecture
Hearing Music, literature, poetry
Touch Dance, ballet
Smell Perfumery, cosmetics fabrication, aromatherapy
Taste Culinary art, oenology


Correspondence between the arts and the Chakras

Painting, sculpture/visual arts – Solar Plexus Chakra

The energy of the visual arts goes in the stomach and the intestines, it helps us get the “gut-feeling”. The visual arts help us “digest” the events from our day-to-day life, and also helps in the co-creation of the world we live in (the manifesting plane). Just as the stomach transforms one form of energy into another form, also the artists creates new ideas and feelings with the help of images, just like an alchemist ( from raw materials like pigments, clay and stones he makes a work of art).

The energy is primarily feminine, and just like a woman is bringing a child into the physical world, in the same way the visual arts can help us put the ideas into practice, with the help of intuition.

In respect to the medium used in art, the energy can extend over other Chakras. By using charcoal, graphite (pencils), clay, stone, wood or glass, the Root Chakra will be activated.  By using the oil in painting, the Solar Plexus Chakra will be even more activated. As for watercolour, the Throat Chakra will be activated.


Music and literature – Heart Chakra

This art that enters our body through our ears goes to the heart. Music, literature and poetry can be felt in the heart, and thus solve any problems related to soothing out emotions. This energy can help solve depression, conflicts, or the lack of inner peace.

Music and literature are governed by the masculine energy, because they have logic, repetitivity and discipline. Music is mathematics, order and logic. In literature and poetry, the phrase has to “sound well”. Therefore music will help us become more organized, perseverant and logic.

Depending on the musical instruments used, the energy can affect other Chakras as well. Thus using drums, double bass, wind instruments that emit low tones, the Root chakra will be more affected. Using the saxophone, the Heart Chakra will be even more activated. The piano and violin raise the energy from the Heart to the Neck, and high-pitched wind instruments such as the flute, picoline or oboe can even activate the Crown Chakra.

In terms of musical genres, classical music affects the upper Chakras more, while jazz centers the energy towards the heart and lower Chakras, respectively. The Pop / rock genres activate especially the lower Chakras.


Culinary art – 3-d Eye/Crown Chakra

It is one of the most refined arts. It has an effect on our higher Chakras, from the throat upwards (3-d Eye and Crown Chakras).  The culinary art is a generator of pleasure, but of a sublime nature, very high in vibration. It is the “pleasure of the gods”, that can take us towards an extrasensorial perception , through special drink or food. The energy is a feminine one, because just like the visual arts it does not have a strict measure – we mix the ingredients according to our taste.

The healing side of this art takes the form of herbalism with preparing of teas and potions. When we feel physically weak, we must eat what we like, preferably home cooked food or to drink healing teas.  When we are depressed, we should not use excessive indulgence to generate pleasure, but listen to music, play an instrument or sing.


Parfumery, aromatherapy – Root Chakra

The energy of these arts is a feminine one, but is a lower one, below the Heart Chakra. It is mostly influencing the Root Chakra. The purpose is to awaken the Kundalini energy that should in turn awaken and balance all the other Chakras. It was created primarily for mating (flowers use the smell to attract a certain pollinator, and so do the animals).

The use of excessive perfume or unfit one will attract the wrong people. It is mostly advised when we go out for networking or socializing with new people to use natural oils and not to overpower our natural smell. In this way we will better “smell“ the character of these new people and we will also leave a more correct impression.

For healing, we can use the essential oils and combinations (called aromatherapy) to balance our Chakras. It treats people that have their Chakras closed or have energetic blockages (externally that means disease, fatigue, chronic pain, vertigo, insomnia or internally it means withdrawn or people overwhelmed by daily life).  Aromatherapy can also help with addiction (smoking, alcohol and drug use etc).


Dance – Root Chakra

It goes mainly on the Root Chakra (like the smell), but with a masculine energy (exterior). With the Root Chakra the man creates matter. If we want money, we must dance. If we want to remove certain people from our lives, we should practice aromatherapy. With the help of dance we can materialize things in the material world. In the bible there are examples of dancing as gratitude for material things. The gypsies bring rain by dancing. Etc…

The dance is based on music. It has rhythm, rigour, delimitations. It creates limits, rules, positioning to the partner. The Root Chakra is activated through the position, steps and distances in the dance, and the Sacral Chakra is activated through the succession of the steps, called routine. The most elevated aspect of dancing comes from the Solar Plexus. There we have the breathing, inspiration and respiration we need to perform the dance. If we managed to fulfill all the steps mentioned above and activate these Chakras, in the end we will open our Heart Chakra that gives us the love and desire to dance.  This does not comprise the club solo-type of dance (that cuts off creativity), but the social dances like tango, valse, rumba, samba, cha-cha sau salsa. All the dances that have set steps, routine and two partners.

Through dance we can solve problems related to money, debt, insecurities, incapacity to belong to a group of people (at the most extreme the homeless).



In order to obtain the best effects, it is in our interest to practice a form of art, not only to consume it. We can easily thing what form of art we mostly like to consume and thus find the art that is good for us. If we go often to the theatre, we might have an inclination to writing, if we attend concerts we would probably like to play an instrument, if we like to watch ballet we probably want to try dancing etc).

When we consume a specific art, we need to pay attention to the symbols and the messages in the case of visual arts, and to the words in the case of music. These can affect drastically the perception and the localization of that energy in our Chakra system.


The featured painting represents the number 3 as a numerologic representation of the year 2019, and a invigoration of culture through the arts. It can be used in meditation to stimulate the artistic side in all of us.