The month of the wine. The popular name in Romania is „Vinicel” or „Vinșele”, the month in which the grapes are gathered and the wine is made. The barrels are sanctified in order to have a rich harvest and tasty wine. Also, all the fruits from the orchards are harvested. All the remaining vegetables are harvested to be pickled and consumed in the winter. September takes its name from the Latin language „September” meaning the seventh month of the year after the old Roman calendar that started in March. In September the astronomical autumn begins with the autumn equinox on September 21st. There is grape juice and joy everywhere because September is the month of the wine.

There is a custom about the grape harvest that on each row, the last plant, the last bush is always left unpicked and it is nicknamed “the grape of God” because from this the birds will feed through the winter. Also, on the day of the Cross on the 14th, the graves are sprinkled with grape juice in order to reconcile the realm of the dead with the living, so that the dead would also enjoy their harvest. Also, after making the wine, each house owner takes turns in offering a party to all the neighbours with the „wine alms” ( grape juice and food ).

In September, all the flowers die and are said to complain to each other. The only flowers that bloom are the chrysanthemums and autumn crocuses that are dedicated to the dead. Because autumn is somehow the month of the dead but also the month of rebirth. This is because all the leaves fall from the tree and die giving the rusty appearance of autumn but with them also the seeds fall carried by the wind and in spring will germinate creating new plants.

There is a fall legend that says that there was very strong wind, it started to rain and an oak leaf, very surprised by the weather change, asked her dad what was going on. Her daddy explained very gently to her that this is autumn and now it’s time for the leaves to change their color from green to rust or red as the autumn sun is much redder. The wind will take them with the seeds and carry them high into the sky from where they will see for the last time the greatness of the forest and at sunset the sun will fall and they will create a thick and warm carpet for the seeds so that they can germinate in the spring. And so the oak explained to her that death is also part of the life cycle and that everything has a meaning. And then the wind came and the little leaf came off and along with it the other leaves flew as her father said. This is the legend of autumn.

In September we also celebrate the birth of Virgin Mary on the 8th, a great holiday for the faithful. Tradition tells us that by this date, all the healing plants must be harvested because after this date they will lose all their properties. On the day of the Mother of God and on the day of the Cross on September 14, the healing plants are sanctified at the church in the altar, right next to the cross, giving them even greater powers. The sheep return from the mountain, so by the 21st all the flocks should be back from the mountain.

It is said that after September 21st there is a period of one to two weeks that is very hot (until October 10-12), as a second summer. This period allows the farmers to complete the plowing and sowing of autumn wheat ( corn is sown in spring ) and also to breed their flocks. Then the sheep are given to the rams and the cows to the bull and in March / April the lambs are born.