The month of the fog. For the first time the haze appears. All the leaves of the trees fall and the households rush to finish the autumn sowing. The corn is harvested. In the middle of the month, in the popular Romanian tradition, the summer is buried with a ritual that involves a big party like the alms of a person who just died. At the end of the month, the day of the dead is also celebrated to have even more abundance in the coming year. The name of the month comes from the Latin Octobre meaning the eighth month from the old Romanian calendar. Autumn is full with fog and even snow sometimes because October is the month of fog.

In the Catholic tradition, the day of the guardian angel is celebrated on October the 20th. On that day we must confess the guardian angel who is given to us through baptism, who must protect us from all evil. You always have to pray in October because this month is very scary. Until the 14th it is as it is but starting with the 14th on Saint Parascheva day it begins to be frightening. You are no longer allowed to sew because you will be struck by lightening, men are no longer allowed to hit with the hammer or do other mechanical work because there is a risk of death or accident. You are not allowed to eat nuts or other fruits with the sign of the cross on them. After this holiday, on the 18th it is the Wolf festival which is a pagan holiday that people celebrate and make rituals so that the wolves do not attack the herds and the cows.

After the feast of the Wolf comes the day of Saint Demetrius on the 26th who is the protector of the dead. Also on his day one can find out how the winter is going to be. After that we have on the first Saturday of November the Feast of the dead (the autumn one). One should go to the cemetery to offer food and prayers for the dead, so that these would help the living with abundance. In this period, the world of the living and the dead are coming closer, there is the risk of the living to meet angry spirits like moroi, strigoi and pricolici.

  • A ghost is the spirit of a person that could not leave this earth to go to the next realm for several reasons: dead in battle of sudden accident, killed on purpose, or someone who did not have all the burial performed or nobody on Earth was grateful to them when they died and did not have enough energy to go. Usually they stick around to the place of death and do not make much trouble. They always look like the person they were in their lives.
  • Strigoi is a „noisy ghost” or poltergeist and is a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are capable of pinching, biting, hitting and tripping people. They might come after the person they are haunting if this person harmed them in real life.These also look anthropomorphic, like the person they were in this life.
  • Pricolici are the ghosts of the werewolves, people that in this life transformed into a wolf on a full moon. After death, they look like wolves and usually can be seen in the forest, in a translucent shape. We must beware seeing animal ghosts in the forest because these are not the ghosts of animals, animal spirits are always leaving the earth after their death. It cannot kill but it is naughty ( turn up the lights, opens doors etc.. ) and it is harder to kill because the spirit has to be driven away.
  • A moroi can look like child or like a small bear, and it can be either the offspring of two strigoi ( a child that would always be accompanied by one of his two parents and will do what these ask of him ) or the result of a woman impregnated by „nosferat” (a very big devil), a child that in this life will be very ugly and very hairy, will speak in tongues and be psychic but will live a short life up to seven years old. After death it will look like a bear and is usually sent to kill young children. Also a young child that died and was not baptized can become a moroi. The origin of the term „moroi” is probably from the Old Slavonic “mora” (nightmare).

People who are born on Saturday can see by default all the ghosts. All the evil spirits are dangerous and must be killed. You can avoid them with garlic (hang garlic or spread it on the doorknob or the keyhole). Otherwise, you must unbury the troublesome dead and slide 2 pruners in the heart or remove the heart and set it on fire. These spirits are very vivid especially between the 21st till 31st of October, culminating on the Halloween day, and waning after. During this period bonfires are burned which should burn the evil in the world and young children that want to gain power in the face of the hardships of life must jump over the fire to be strong. At the end of the party, everyone takes home some ember to throw in the orchard and in the garden and it is said that it will bring purification and plenty.