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Our team

Power Mandala Team - Luiza Cornelia Varovici & Romeo Marin Leu

Power Mandala Team – Luiza Cornelia Varovici & Romeo Marin Leu. Based in Bristol, England.

Romeo and Luiza have been working together for over eight years. They started by sharing their accumulated esoteric knowledge and then by creating bridges between them. Somehow being two different natures as zodiac signs, between a female Cancer and a Virgo man there could be only differences. But the appearance of calm in Romeo’s firmness led to more discipline and order in the “artist” life of Luiza. On the other hand, the more adventurous nature of Luiza forced Romeo out of the comfort zone, leading him to achievements that he would not have thought possible.

They decided not to wait any longer but to do something for the people and the community even if they didn’t have much experience. This is how Power Mandala was born, the seven-year month-by-month workshop that promoted alternative therapies like Reiki and Crystal Therapy and promoted the concept of Power art, the method by which one’s own artistic creation can be a help in reaching a goal. sacred geometry, colour therapy, music therapy and not least the angelic entities, the two have managed through their workshops to bring much relief in the souls of the participants, trust and fulfillment in all they were set to achieve. Throughout the period of working together the two have always strived to improve their knowledge on alternative healing and to constantly raise their vibration through meditation and prayer. After the workshops were completed, the team focused on other projects that we have mentioned and are in progress.

We will present below what services of alternative therapies we offer to those interested, as a team or separately as therapists.

  • Crystal therapy – local
  • Crystal therapy – remote
  • Crystal Sound Activation, local
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Numerology
  • Angelic Reiki combined with Crystal Therapy
  • Aura Reading
  • Dowsing (for water, missing people or objects)
  • The creation of Power Art for subjects that are living or demised

All activities are insured for malpractice and are carried out in a framework organized and regulated by the norms in effect in the United Kingdom, the team having all the necessary accreditations.

We are keen to be contacted for any activity in our portfolio that is of interest to you. Thank you.